I want to show you two new particular laptops that two friends of mine pointed out:

Were you looking for light laptops? Here they are!

Giving a fast view, the Asus seem to be a computer for kids, but it’s not… or not only :)
You have basic programs to work. It is powered by Linux (but it is compatible with Windows XP). You can use Wireless and ethernet connection. Only 7” screen (800×480) and 4 GB Solid State Disk drive; disk capacity is the only limit I noticed. Processor: Intel Celeron M353 900 MHz. 512 MB DDR2 RAM. Weight: less then 1 Kg!! Price: about 300 dollars… and in Italy? 299 Euros.
An interesting link: https://www.hwupgrade.it/articoli/portatili/1881/eee-pc-4g-un-notebook-asus-a-299-euro_index.html [IT]

Macbook Air is the world’s thinnest notebook!! It is, of course, beautiful and elegant. LED screen, 64 GB solid state disk! Built-in iSight camera, Intel Core 2 Duo processor,… Weight: 1,36 Kg and height: 1,94 cm!! Fantastic! The only limit? Price: from 1799 dollars… and in Italy? from 1699 Euro. It’s not fair! :.( I don’t add anything else, but I suggest you to watch this guided tour: https://www.apple.com/macbook-air/ [EN]

Special thanks to Stefano & Ivan ;)

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