Appunti di fotografia [148] – Un consiglio per futuri fotografi, by Jason Smith

Alla domanda: quale consiglio daresti a un giovane che spera in un futuro nel mondo della fotografia?

Jason Smith risponde: I think that to be a photographer is to be somebody who can learn the technical aspects quite easily. Photography is a technical exercise, is very straightforward. What is interesting about photography is what you shoot, not how you shoot it. So, for me, my obsession, my interest is contemporary artists, so that’s what I do. So I think, if you’re a writer, you are picking the subject matter that you are interested in writing about. It’s very difficult to take a picture of something that you don’t care about, so I care about what it is that I am taking pictures of, and I think that shows, if you take pictures of something you don’t care about, how can we make a good picture. So, you should find… think about what it is that you love and you want to do and you want to investigate and that is the advice for a photographer, not to get obsessive about technical matters, of course it is important, but it is really the content more than it is the technical, to me.

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